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My last projects

Have a look at some of my personal software projects.

TinyDev, programming for kids

TinyDev, a programming language for kids.

My programming language for kids. It was written in Java for desktop computers and it's free!

Benito G.G., Investigador Privado

Benito GG, a game for Android devices.

Free game for Android devices. It was written in Java. Spanish only yet.

MyTreasure, a library manager

MyTreasure, a library manager.

MyTreasure is a free library manager for people who love books and want them organized. It was written in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL. It uses the W3.CSS framework.

My retro projects

Just for fun!

My PCW projects

My Amstrad PCW projects.

The Amstrad PCW was my first computer, and I continue writing software for it.

My CP/M projects

My CP/M projects.

CP/M from Digital Research was the most widely used operating system for 8 bit computers. I continue developing programs for it.



Links to other websites, related to the Amstrad PCW, CP/M, the Z80 cpu...


You can download all my free software projects.

My GitHub repositories

My GitHub repositories.

Have a look at my GitHub repositories. I am moving all my free software projects from the downloads section to GitHub.


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