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Take a look to my GitHub repositories, to find binaries and source code for projects not found in the following tables.

In fact, I'm moving all the previous available downloads on this site, to my GitHub repositories.

Use this software at your risk; no warranties of any type are provided. Thanks.

Some meanings in the tables:

  • '*' means it was developed by me.
  • 'SRC' include sources.
  • 'PCW' are Amstrad PCW specific.
  • 'CP/M' should run in any CP/M-80 system.
  • 'CP/M-86' should run in any CP/M-86 system.
  • 'Android' should run in Android systems.
  • 'Win' should run in Windows systems.
  • 'GNU/Linux' should run in GNU/Linux systems.
  • 'DOS' should run in DOS systems.


CP/M (and maybe other OS) Downloads
File Description
viewhtml.zip ViewHtml (*) (SRC) (CP/M)

The Quijote's father. A tool for view/print/convert html files.
zsm.zip ZSM 2.8 (SRC) (CP/M)

Good Z80 assembler, also known as Z80ASMUK but enhanced. It can assemble source code from MESCC. It can assemble itself.

Amstrad PCW (and maybe CPC) Downloads
File Description
xpcw102.zip XPCW & Squarex (*) (SRC) (PCW)

Graphics and keyboard library for the Amstrad PCW. Includes RSX and functions for MESCC.

Includes Squarex, a graphical game for the Amstrad PCW.
ummo.zip Ummo (*) (PCW)

Graphical game with aliens, UFOs and so on: shoot or die!
deskjoy.zip DeskJoy (*) (PCW)

Desktop for the Amstrad PCW & the Samaruc GUI: mouse support, icons, windows, buttons...
v2.02 Quijote (*) (PCW)

My HTML reader project for the Amstrad PCW & Samaruc GUI.
samgames.zip Games for the Amstrad PCW & the Samaruc GUI (*) (PCW):

Find that mine!, a clon of Minesweeper.
The Same Game, a clon of SameGame, a tile-matching puzzle video game.
Roswell, the alien's scape!
edtext.zip EdText (*) (SRC) (PCW)

Text editor in Mallard Basic, with menus & windows.