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Find that mine!

This is a clon of Minesweeper for the CP/M operating system.

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This is a clon (yes, one more!) of MineSweeper for CP/M with supported CRTs, derived from the plain CP/M version (and itself from the Amstrad PCW & Samaruc GUI version).

It should run in any version of the CP/M operating system, running in any computer with a supported CRT, and a Z80 CPU.

Running the game

To start the game, type at the CP/M prompt the following:


where TTY_NAME is one of the supported TTY names, and follow the instructions.

To know the supported TTYs, just type ftm at the CP/M prompt - ie:

Usage: ftm tty_name

Supported TTY names:

The game

The aim of the game is to find all the mines on the board, putting a flag on them and uncovering the other squares.

If you uncover a mine, you lose the game.

There are three different levels:

  • Level 1 : 08 x 08 squares, 08 mines
  • Level 2 : 08 x 12 squares, 12 mines
  • Level 3 : 08 x 16 squares, 16 mines

How to play

In the board, a number on a square means the quantity of mines around it.

To uncover a square, you must enter a command telling its position as row and column - ie:


To put or remove a flag on a square, you must append a F character to the command - ie: