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Samaruc is my GUI (Graphical User Interface) project for the Amstrad PCW.

You can see how it works in some of my programs: Quijote, The Same Game, Find that mine!, DeskJoy and Roswell.

It is developed using MESCC (Mike's Enhanced Small C Compiler - my version of Small C).

It supports mouse (AMX, Kempston or KeyMouse) but it can also be used with the keyboard.

It uses commonly elements of a GUI as: windows, buttons, edit boxes, menus, icons, screen saver, etc.

You can use the Samaruc Control Panel and change some GUI options as needed: mouse type and speed, screen saver, sound, etc.

It does not need any special hardware to run, only a humble PCW 8256 is enough for Samaruc.

My plans for the near future are to release it under the GPL license with source code.


Samaruc screenshot running under CP/M Plus