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The te text editor is small, humble, and useful.

It's screen oriented, and can be easily adapted to a lot of computers.

Originally designed for CP/M computers, it has been successfully ported to Windows, GNU/Linux and DOS.

It can be easily adapted to a wide range of machines and/or operating systems, by editing a small source code file, in order to tell the program the screen size, and to write three or four tiny C functions to clear the screen, etc.

This text editor can be very useful in small environments, rescue disks, etc.

Current CP/M adaptations are:

  • Amstrad PCW and CP/M Plus (31x90 VT52 like terminal).
  • Amstrad CPC and CP/M Plus (24x80 VT52 like terminal).
  • Spectrum +3 and CP/M Plus (23x51 VT52 like terminal).
  • K. Murakami's CP/M emulator (25x80 VT100/Ansi).
  • Takeda Toshiya's CP/M emulator (25x80 VT100/Ansi).
  • Generic 25x80 VT100 and WordStar keys.
  • Kaypro II, 4 and 10 (24x80 ADM-3A like terminal), contributed by Stephen S. Mitchell (thanks!).

Adaptations for other OS are:

  • Windows 32 bit (25x80), compiled with Pelles C and its 'conio.h' library.
  • DOS (25x80), compiled with Turbo C, and its 'conio.h' library.
  • GNU/Linux (24x80), compiled with GCC and ncurses.

Technical notes

The CP/M version is developed using MESCC (Mike's Enhanced Small C Compiler - my own version of Small C).