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WhatToDo, is a simple but effective "to do list" manager, based on the "todo.txt" format by Gina Trapani.

Your tasks are stored in a single and simple "todo.txt" text file.

In this way, you can take always your data with you, even you can edit the file with a simple text editor, because it has no strange or hidden format.

You can filter the tasks by fields, mark them as done, sort them, add priorities and dates, projects, etc.

When you filter by a field (or more fields), each task that matches with the filter will be printed on screen when you enter the print command.

A filter is active until the command filter off is entered, or the filter has been changed by another one.

The help command will show all available commands and a brief explanation:

Command (HELP for help)? help
Help summary:

ADD     {task def}       : Add task
EDIT    task-number      : Edit task
KILL    task-number      : Kill (delete) task
DONE    task-number      : Set task as done
PENDING task-number      : Set task as pending
SORT    PRIORITY | DATE  : Sort tasks by Priority or by Date
FILTER  {OFF}            : Set filters for Print option
PACK                     : Kill all done tasks
PRINT   {how-many-tasks} : Print tasks on screen
SAVE                     : Save taks on disk
HELP                     : This option
QUIT                     : End program

task def = {priority} {date} subject
I.E.     = (B) 2014-08-16 Call Peter +Party @Phone
         = Paint kitchen +Home

Items between {} are optional.

Command (HELP for help)?

This program was developed using MESCC (Mike's Enhanced Small C Compiler - my version of Small C).


WhatToDo screenshot running under CP/M Plus