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XPCW is a graphics and keyboard library for the Amstrad PCW, under the CP/M operating system.

It consists of a CP/M Plus RSX file, with some library files (.h) for MESCC, my own version of the Small-C compiler.

The RSX is written in Z80 assembler source code.

It can be accessed by any CP/M program or language, provided it follows its conventions (read the RSX source code for more information).

The XPCW.RSX file, has to be attached to any program that uses this library.

Only one MESCC library is needed (xpcw.h), the other are optional.

The libraries are:

  • xpcw.h - Main library.
  • xdraw.h - Functions to draw pixels, lines, etc.
  • xtext.h - Functions to write text, set the font, change attributes, etc.
  • xchrdef.h - Functions to get / set character definitions.
  • xbitmap.h - Functions to draw bitmaps.
  • xkeyb.h - Functions to access the keyboard.

See the libraries source code, for more information about the available functions.

As an example, you can see the XDEMO program.

One of my games for the Amstrad PCW, Squarex, uses XPCW too.

XPCW image